Transformable Spaces | Vlogger’s Apartment

The design is provided for a young couple. They are professionally vloggers (video bloggers). They have a small apartment and require that space to act as commercial space during day and a residence by night. Thus the concept of transformation arises. Transformable furniture are fundamentally new furniture in which changes are made easy and they... Continue Reading →


Transformable Spaces | Daycare Center

This post is about the transformation of a Daycare center during the day into a residence by night. With the help of transforming furniture, partitions , the division of area and ambiance for day and night activity was possible. Foyer can be used as drawing room at night. This transformation happens with the change of... Continue Reading →

Transformable Spaces | Artist Conclave

The client brief was to make a multi-functional space for a young couple. They are artist by profession and run an artist conclave in their residence of 25’ x 26’ area. Their requirement was to transform their residence into a studio during office hours and a peaceful residence at night.   To work it out... Continue Reading →


In the commercial category of the competition, we were asked to design a salon. As a result the concept of IKEBANA was developed for the interior design of a unisex salon. The name of the salon was ELANOR, sophisticated and fancy. The main objective of any salon is to make the customers experience memorable. A... Continue Reading →


Society interiors hosts a competition every year for architecture and interior design students. The client brief is given to the students and they are required to create concept which satisfies the requirement of the competition. Under the residential category we were given the brief to design a duplex apartment for a joint family involved in... Continue Reading →

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