Society interiors hosts a competition every year for architecture and interior design students. The client brief is given to the students and they are required to create concept which satisfies the requirement of the competition. Under the residential category we were given the brief to design a duplex apartment for a joint family involved in a family – run business. The family enjoys a modern lifestyle and follow their traditions. Thus the theme PANACHE was created keeping in mind the client brief.

Concept sheet

Panache is the juxtaposition of modern and minimalistic style and elegance. The modern minimalistic style represents the modern thinking of the family. The addition of elegance is representation of the traditional values and sophistication of the client. The ornate forms and motifs in materials like brass and copper represent the traditional values and sophistication of the client. Hence, the name panache epitomizes grandeur and elegance in a modern era.


The concept of panache was inspired from this picture. The simple forms became the basis of minimalistic design and the gold cutlery adds sophistication and grace and became the inspiration for the elegant design.

The implementation of the concept is evident through the color scheme of the entire project which was neutral colors along with pop of colors. This pop of color could be any vibrant bold color or the metal colors such as gold, brass and silver.Materials used were wood, marble, PU finish, tile an concrete provide an industrial and modern feel. Use of natural silk, linen and cotton ensure the house to look elegant and well designed.


Floor Plan
Ceiling Plan
Sectional Elevations

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