In the commercial category of the competition, we were asked to design a salon. As a result the concept of IKEBANA was developed for the interior design of a unisex salon. The name of the salon was ELANOR, sophisticated and fancy.

The main objective of any salon is to make the customers experience memorable. A great aspect in making the customer feel special is the ambience of the salon which is indented to be sophisticated but refreshing.

concwpt new
Concept Sheet

Ikebana is the japanese art of flower arrangement. The name ikebana was chosen as our concept because the contemporary style gives a sense of disciplined, floral pattern is inspired from the japanese art form.

Straight lines along with florals are the inspiration for our concept ikebana. The straight lines and streamlined forms symbolize masculinity and maturity, whereas florals add femininity and delicacy to the design. Thus, concept ikebana brings balance and justifies the design needs of unisex salon.

It is the amalgamation of contemporary style with elements of floral design. The salon design has a modern feel inclusive of bold floral patterns. The florals are brought to life by wallpapers, fabrics, carpets and cutwork in the design and serve as the focal point.

Floor Layout
Inverted Ceiling Plan
Reception + Furniture Detail
veiw 1

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