Transformable Spaces | Vlogger’s Apartment

The design is provided for a young couple. They are professionally vloggers (video bloggers). They have a small apartment and require that space to act as commercial space during day and a residence by night. Thus the concept of transformation arises. Transformable furniture are fundamentally new furniture in which changes are made easy and they can adopt to different spaces.

view 1
Commercial Plan – Day
view 2
Residential Plan – Night

The color scheme during the day is yellow which makes the space warm, bright and creative. At night the mood is transformed by change in color scheme which is mint representing calmness and serenity during the night time.

The living room is designed to be funky. Neutral colors along with greens and bright color bring out the mood of the room. There is no furniture transformation but the mood of the room is changed when it’s night. Small changes in photos and pillows help change color scheme and so transform the room. The partition between living and bedroom acts as background for the ceiling t.v. which is used during night time.

living 3
Living Room – Day
living 2
Living Room – Night
living 1
Living Room – Night

The use of kitchen during day is minimal thus the transforming table, which works on a pivot covers the major part of kitchen counter including stove. At night the breakfast table is moved back to it’s position for when it is needed.

kitchen view 1
Kitchen – Day
kitchen view 2
Kitchen – Night

The client required an open space with blank background for the studio and a workstation area during the day. Studio is transformed into a bedroom at night. The work station is put away and the chairs are folded inside them. Stairs are pulled out to reveal a floor bed in it. The partition hiding the wardrobe is pulled out at night separating living room and the bedroom. Another partition pulled from the inside of wardrobe to hide the yellow paint but also make the studio a dressing area.

Studio View – Day
Transforming Spaces
Bedroom – Night

Design By – Charu Jain


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